Volkswagen Foundation Norbert Elias Fellowships 2020

In order to enhance the plurality of perspectives the ZiF offers two Norbert Elias Fellowships per year to researchers from Africa to take part in the ZiF’s Research Groups. Successful applicants will become Fellows of one of the Research Groups and live and work at the ZiF for up to ten months. Norbert Elias Fellows also have the opportunity to work on their own projects, qualification and networking.

Applications are welcome from senior or postdocs researchers from African Universities from all disciplines that can contribute to the research group’s topic and are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration.

Science needs diverse perspectives. However, researchers from African countries are still underrepresented in the international scientific community.

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Successful applicants will become fellows of the current ZiF research group for up to ten months, during which they will live and work at the ZiF. Applications are welcome from senior researchers and postdocs from African universities from all disciplines whose research and publications are closely linked to the research group’s topic.

Deadline for applications for the Norbert Elias Fellowships for the ZiF research group “Global Contestations of Women’s and Gender Rights”, convened by Professor Dr. Alexandra Scheele, Professor Dr. Julia Roth and Professor Dr. Heidemarie Winkel, is 28 February 2020. The research group will be working at ZiF from October 2020 to July 2021.


The Norbert Elias Fellowships are supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.